A global perspective for life insurance

In addition to the Luxembourg life insurance, INTEMIA Wealth Insurance is able to offer you international life insurance solutions with a global spectrum.

In recent years, companies or individuals are required to regularly change the country. This trend is improving year after year. These changes may often have a significant impact on in force life insurance contracts. These individuals or companies are therefore looking for insurance solutions independent to the geographical assignment.

INTEMIA Wealth Insurance is able to offer you world itinerant life insurance contracts. The life insurance solutions we offer, by their tailor made character, perfectly adapt to itinerant individuals or companies, all over the world ( Europe, Asia, Africa, USA, Latin America, etc. ... ).

Depending on your nationality, your tax home and/or your main residence, we analyze your specific needs in death coverage or pension product. We then establish a customized offer with our partners (insurances companies, tax specialists, etc...).

Our solutions are designed for individual subscribers, companies and international groups.

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